The Real WoW Factor

Transform your images into jaw-dropping works of art by learning to unleash the power of light and design. Taught by Ross Benton, this intensive, hands-on class focuses on outdoor strobe lighting, client interaction, posing techniques and secrets for dramatic background selection. Beyond image capture, we’ll also delve into creating a complete Photoshop workflow for dramatic proofs, prints and albums. And we’ll explore how to illuminate your artistry by applying creative design to compelling products and albums. Finally, we finish with proven aggressive marketing concepts to strengthen your business cycle!

Topics include:

Environmental Strobe Lighting

Interactive Portrait Sessions

Repeatable Posing Techniques

Digital Workflow

Power Retouching

Using Textures and Graphics

The Ultimate Album Designs

Designer Marketing Material

Power Networking

The Real WoW Factor will challenge you to explore simple, yet creative techniques that will ensure stunning results and will guarantee an increase in the appeal of your images and your business. Dubbed by previous students as one of the most informative, best-taught classes

they attended, this can’t-miss session will assist you in aggressively pursuing the growth of your style and your business.

About Ross:

In November 2008, Ross Benton opened a small storefront studio in central San Antonio. Boasting a recipe for business that is as unique as his photography, Ross‘ wedding portfolio soon burgeoned to include a rapidly expanding market of children and seniors. His laid-back, approachable style creates a relaxed environment for his clients, which also spills over into the classroom. Many of Ross‘ students have testified that his programs are easy to follow, chock-full of time-saving shortcuts and packed with money-making tips.

Things to put in your class gear bag:

Bring your camera, lenses, camera flashes, computer loaded with Photoshop and Bridge, 12 all-time favorite images and business cards.